Openness for TIGER has two dimensions; SPEAKING and LISTENING. We SPEAK to each other openly and honestly and we listen carefully with unbiased views.

For us, speaking openly and honestly means expressing what we are thinking (as we say in Austria ‘we put the fish on the tisch (table)’). This means that whenever things arise we put them in the center of our agenda and address them with courage (even if the matters have a fishy taste to them) allowing for open discussion. 

We practice what we preach which makes us genuine and trustworthy people.

Walking the talk makes us reliable leaders.

Talking honestly is well phrased by Jack Welch’s one word answer to GE’s global success: CANDOR!

Listening, as a second dimension of openness, means we are open to other people’s viewpoints. We learned that listening means much more than letting the other person finish the sentence. Listening means accepting what the other person is saying without any prejudice or preconceived notions. At TIGER, listening has become so important that a special document was created specifically for this – TIGER in Dialog.