We firmly believe that our TEAM Spirit is a key success factor to the leadership position TIGER has achieved. To us 1 + 1 equal 3.

Often times, we experience how powerful the intelligence of a group is. Through gatherings, meetings and workshops, we always manage to bring this group intelligence to the surface. Our open concept meeting format, sitting in circles with no tables, lets the energy flow, listening, speaking and having dialogues encourage this ‘surfacing’ of intelligence even further.

When it comes to TEAM, we have learned a lot from the geese. As with geese, we actively communicate with one another, we have clarity on where we are headed to, change positions every once in a while, have high and lows, times of stress and times for relaxation, go through crises together, back each other up and celebrate together.

TEAM for us means clarity on Who drives the bus and whom the buck stops for, and Who owns the results for what part. TRUST in each other, RESPECT for one another and APPRECIATION for each contribution are the foundation and motivators for the success of our TEAM.


The six most important words: ‘I agree it was my mistake’. 

The four most important words: ‘What is your opinion?’

The two most important words: ‘Thank you’.

The five most important words: ‘You did a great job’.

The three most important words: ‘I appreciate it!’

The most important word: ‘We’.

The least important word: ‘I’.