Courage is an attitude that allows one to create new paths, not follow the ones already made; to sail into ‘blue oceans’, to burn old bridges and find the strength to build new ones.

Courage helps to overcome fear. There is an old story about a little boy who was woken up by a nightmare he had every night. In his nightmare he was being chased by a huge TIGER, and just before the TIGER caught up to him, the boy would wake up terrified and crying.

His parents were desperate since neither talking about it nor taking medicine was helping. One day, they decided to take the boy to see an old shaman. The shaman sat the boy next to him and asked him to tell him the recurring dream. After the boy finished explaining his nightmare the shaman whispered a few words in his ear. After that, the boy slept night after night. His parents were happy that the nightmares had stopped and asked the boy: ‘what did the shaman say to you?’, ‘how did he make the fear go away?’ The little boy answered: ‘he told me, let the TIGER eat you!’