COVID-19 update

COVID-19 Update (April 29, 2020)

It is hard to believe that we have a full six weeks of the COVID-19 crisis behind us. In those six weeks, we have seen more changes in the ways we do business than we probably had seen for the past six months. Changes in our work environment were dramatic – from starting a work from home program, social distancing, to increased cleaning and sanitization in the operations, just to mention a few.

Speaking about the changes in the tools used to do business and to stay in touch – it is a new world out there. Online and remote sessions of team meetings, webinars, seminars, technical support… are just a few examples of how we continue to connect, communicate and collaborate with our customers and with each other. We, at TIGER, are here for you.

All our facilities in North America continue to be open and running operations without any disruptions.

With all the challenges the markets are facing daily, we are making every attempt to keep our promises to provide you with:

  • Largest product portfolio in the industry
  • Largest inventory of stock products
  • Highest product availability in the industry

This is just one of the ways we express our sincere support and the appreciation to all of those who continue to operate in these difficult times. As we are considering health and safety as the main objective for everyone, we believe that by protecting ourselves we are protecting each other. Conducting business remotely is not only one of the ways to support social distancing guidelines, but it is also quickly becoming our new everydayness. In order to support this effort, recently we have started a number of initiatives to “digitalize” some of our services. In different ways, we are reaching out to our customers in order to provide the latest updates and gain a better understanding of constantly changing requirements in the market.

TIGER Tech Day is a 90-minutes online webinar conducted to support our clients by providing the information about new and exciting technologies - such as TIGITAL - TIGER digital industrial printing inks; and Series 138 – new TGIC free, flex cure, a proprietary product line for the North American market.  During the webinar, we are also featuring our digital online and social media campaigns and services.  

Attendees will have a chance for direct input as far as what they see to be the main value drivers in their businesses, and attributes they feel are the most important for a powder coating supplier. For more details, please contact your designated TIGER contact person.

Customer Journey Interviews are another such initiative, consisting of a structured questionnaire conducted on a personalized, one-on-one basis. The target is to support the same goal – a better understanding of the ways our clients desire to do business. It is an important input in the digitalization of our customer’s experience process and continued input into our digitalization strategy.

While many areas of North America are coming to grips with the ways to handle the current situation, we are looking forward to a return to normal, whatever the new normal is going to be. We know that it will mean change in many things, but we are going to continue to be here for our valued customers and for the powder coating industry.

You can continue to count on the reliability of TIGER Supply Chain Management System for all your powder coating needs. We wish you all to stay well and safe in these times of change.

COVID-19 Update (March 23, 2020)

At TIGER, we believe that communication with our customers, especially in times we are currently facing, is of utmost importance. As it has always been, the safety and security of our employees remains our highest priority at TIGER. We have been actively monitoring COVID-19 (formerly known as the Novel Coronavirus) and have implemented several procedures and prevention policies to ensure we are being proactive in keeping our employees safe and healthy and limit any supply risk to our customers.

We hope you find the following update useful:

First and foremost, we are glad to inform you that all our facilities in North America continue to be open and running operations without any disruptions.

Supply Chain & Business Continuity

  • Current inventory levels are projected to allow TIGER to provide the majority of our customer base with continued supply
  • TIGER Customer Experience Team is fully operational with no disruptions to service
  • Starting immediately, we are no longer offering customer pickups in any of TIGER, or third party warehouse, facility until further notice. All deliveries will be done, exclusively, using couriers and carriers services.
  • We will process and ship all orders based on the customer instructions with the expectation that they will be open and available to accept shipment. If (without prior notice) delivery is unable to be made as a result of a closure related to COVID-19, or if no appointment can be facilitated, the freight will be returned to the point of origin and the cost will be billed to the customer accordingly.

Employee Well Being:

  • All international and domestic business travel has been suspended until further notice
  • TIGER will not attend business conferences or business gatherings until further notice
  • Staff that are able to work from home have been provided the tools do so and are already established in their home offices. This transition has been completed on March 17th without any major disruptions.
  • TIGER employees have been encouraged to avoid personal travel as well as social gatherings. Any out of state, or out of country, employee’s personal travel is being monitored closely and upon return measures of self-isolation for 14 days are in place
  • Leadership has implemented changes within our facilities to increase social distancing (more conference calls, video meetings, flexible workspaces, etc.)
  • We have implemented increased routine housekeeping in all of our facilities as well as increased the availability of disinfecting materials to our staff to be used throughout the workspace
  • TIGER is also restricting outside visitors to our site unless authorized by Senior Leadership
  • TIGER is currently a handshake free zone
  • Continuous reinforcement of the importance of using good hygiene practices
  • We are minimizing in-person business meetings and sales visits until further notice. Phone/Skype/email and other means of remote communication will be maximized to stay in touch with customers and suppliers.


  • We continuously monitor World Health Organization, as well as regional, updates on COVID-19 and will update our employees as well as our valued customers of any new guidance or recommendations as they develop
  • Our Customer Experience Team is available Monday-Friday 8:00AM – 6:30PM EST. Customer Experience Team is working with our Supply Chain, Production Teams and other external partners to mitigate any potential delays in deliveries. In case delays occur they will be communicated in a timely manner
  • Should any issues arise that would affect business, you will be notified as soon as possible

    In this crucial time, we continue to adapt and make necessary changes to maintain supply for our valued customers. Our goal is to continue with reliable supply chain management in the difficult times we are all experiencing.​​​​​​​


COVID-19 Update (March 18, 2020)

This past week we have seen a significant rise in confirmed cases of the Coronavirus or COVID-19 across the world. We take these situations very seriously and wanted to take a moment to address our stance and the actions being taken to protect our customers, our people, and facilities.

As a global company, we are monitoring the impact of the virus in each of the countries where we operate. At the present time, all our global offices are open for business and we have situation teams in place permanently following the latest developments and working on an updated plan/schedule.


In the meantime, we continue to be prudent, prepared, and proactive in our efforts to take care of ourselves while continuing to provide services to you, our customers. We have deployed a simple four-step plan. In our plan, we will practice, prepare, prevent, and display personal accountability.

Our personal accountability is to ourselves, to remain healthy and safe, and to you our customers, we will continue to support your efforts in providing needed powder coating materials. Our communities need us to remain calm, yet vigilant and take the appropriate precautions.

History teaches us when we are prepared, prudent, and personally accountable to each other, our customers, and our community, we can endure any storm.



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