katamaran team training

"TIGER rolls up its sleeves and conquers new 'Blue Oceans' by setting the sails for the Sun for a well COORDINATED and exciting future …"

TIGER's Core Value 'Teamwork' is of the utmost priority at TIGER. Perfect interaction between team members is essential to achieve fantastic and innovative results.

At TIGER the teams are given the opportunity to strengthen their team spirit in an inspiring way: at the Catamaran team-building training.

testimonials 2014

OLIVER ORTNER | Chief IT Officer

"As it was the first time that I participated the CAT TEAM Training I was not sure what to expect.
I was confident that a boat trip is the right thing for me but sceptic how that would work out with TIGER colleagues. How would we handle the balancing act between vacation and work?

To cut a long story short:

  • There was a good balance between work and leisure - in a great environment with perfect weather.
  • The teamwork was great - we managed great maneuvers and had interesting discussions.
  • In the work sessions we had the chance to get an overview of the main projects and tasks within our crew members.
  • A couple of topics were carved out that will be followed up in the next couple of weeks.

As I was sailing and surfing in my younger days - this trip sparked the fire for sailing again."

testimonials 2013


“It is amazing how often we use the following terms in our everyday business life: the wind is blowing in the right direction, time to set the sails, remain on course... On a sailing ship, a certain discipline is required to ensure that all the tasks are accomplished smoothly in close quarters. By sailing, I also learned how to plan proactively in order to be familiar with the resources available and furthermore, how to take the outer conditions, i.e. wind and weather, into account. On the ship, these variables, besides the assigned roles, reflected the parallels in everyday’s life.”